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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge 1985

  • Jack Sholder
  • November 1, 1985
  • 87 mins
  • English
  • Horror
Someone is coming back to Elm Street!
A new family moves into the house on Elm Street, and before long, the kids are again having nightmares about deceased child murderer Freddy Krueger. This time, Freddy attempts to possess a teenage boy to cause havoc in the real world, and can only be overcome if the boy's sweetheart can master her fear.


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The cable rating some how gives this movie *** but superior part 4 only **. To me this movie is a horrible mess.
Freddy rips through a teenagers body to come into the real world. However that same teen is some how alive after that happens.

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The first one is still a great one, but this one is just terrible.

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So what even happened in this movie?
I thought Freddy could only affect people in dreams, however the ending of the first movie kinda fucked the theory. How was he able to go nuts during the pool party?

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