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A Tale of Two Sisters 2003

  • Kim Jee-woon
  • December 17, 2004
  • 115 mins
  • Korean
  • Drama, Horror, Mystery
Our sorrow was conceived long before our birth
Two young sisters recovering from an unnamed trauma must face a mysterious past in this excellent South Korean shocker. A worldwide hit upon its release and based on an old Korean fairy tale; two sisters come to live with their cold and distant father and turn-on-a-dime stepmother in a house where nothing is as it seems. A wonderfully haunting score, starkly beautiful imagery, and a labyrinthine plot that twists and turns at every dark corner all set the stage for a riveting and often terrifying guessing game of a movie. Equal parts drama, mystery, and ghost story, A Tale of Two Sisters is a richly complex and challenging cinematic treat that may very well demand repeat viewings.


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This is an artsy South Korean variation of 'The Sixth Sense', but with an extra dash of ambiguity, and lacking a bold, confident plot.

Where the screenplay for 'The Sixth Sense' was an expertly woven tapestry that begged for a repeat viewing to appreciate the genius of its warp and weft, the narrative of 'A Tale of Two Sisters' isn't so tightly woven. There are a lot of short, ambiguous scenes, and the audience is left to determine for themselves which parts of the story are real, which are dreams, and which are outright delusions. It becomes somewhat tedious, trying to sort everything that happens in this film into each of these three categories.

Even so, this is a fun little psychological thriller / ghost story... but one gets the feeling that pulling one loose plot thread might cause the whole thing to collapse.

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Terror oriental é sempre interessante por abordar o lado psicologico e deixar o espectador com medo e claro muitas perguntas, bom filme.

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