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An Innocent Man 1989

  • Peter Yates
  • October 6, 1989
  • 113 mins
  • English
  • Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Jimmie Rainwood was minding his own business when two corrupt police officers (getting an address wrong) burst into his house, expecting to find a major drug dealer. Rainwood is shot, and the officers frame him as a drug dealer. Rainwood is convicted of drug dealing, based on the perjured evidence of a police informant. Thrown into a seedy jail, fighting to prove his innocence is diffucult when he has to deal with the realities of prison life, where everyone claims they were framed.


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"An Innocent Man" is one of those old school 80's film that you never heard of that happens to be entertaining. Starring Tom Selleck, and F. Murray Abraham (The man who played Omar Suarez in Scarface with Al Pacino) "An Innocent Man" is actually an entertaining B-movie that really doesn't have a strong story, but there's something about it that actually makes you care about the development of the story. Even though it has plot holes, "An Innocent Man" is a good film to check out when you feel the 80's nostalgia and don't want to see the popular 80's films you already seen thounsands of times.

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