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Apocalypse Now 1979

This is the end...
At the height of the Vietnam war, Captain Benjamin Willard is sent on a dangerous mission that, officially, "does not exist, nor will it ever exist." His goal is to locate - and eliminate - a mysterious Green Beret Colonel named Walter Kurtz, who has been leading his personal army on illegal guerrilla missions into enemy territory.


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There's something about this movie! Idk a little bit boring! I mean it's too long and I really got bored!
I was thinking what's the main story here! and there's too many scenes in my opinion the should've just cut off..

anyway I liked it better until he found tha guy .. its not what I expected ,
but like I said I liked it at first and the acting was great tho.

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If you consider watching this film, than yes, do read this review!

First off, this film is 196 minutes long, not the 153 minutes as it says here on trakt. That's 196 minutes of your life you'll never get back. Don't get me wrong, the acting is really good, the music used in the film is great. Where the film falls down for me personally is first of all the length. If you cut out all the unnecessary bits and just leave the real story of what this film is about, it can be about 40 minutes, everything else is just pointless filler.
The worst part of the film for me is the ritual killing and slaughter of a cow/ox/bovine type creature. I understand that such rituals happen in certain parts of the world, but to film it and use it just to add dramatic effect to a different scene I found disgusting.

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