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Arsenal 2017

This was a surprise find. Never heard of it but love Cusack and Cage so I clicked on it and stayed glued to the screen. Cage was excellent as a bad guy.

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This was a surprise watch. Recommended on my Amazon prime I watched it, because of Cage and Cusack. I thought it was going to be the usual criminal thriller but, boy I was wrong. The movie has all the right stuff: cast, story, suspense, emotions, music. I loved it and it reminded me of how decisions made in your youth can make who you become. And how, sometimes, adults need to bite the bullet to save you from going on the wrong path (big brother / young brother topic).

Recommended. Totally enjoyed it. And, as someone mentioned, awesome slo-mos! :)

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The second Steven C. Miller movie I have sat through today. After reading my short review on the last one, you will wonder why I bothered! This is slightly better, but only because of the presence of Cage and Cusack who have a little bit of fun with their one-note characters. Otherwise, this is mediocre suff.

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what super movie. Nicolas Cage is incredible like always ... I recommend to watch this movie :)
some realy Incredibles bloody's slow motion :)

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