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Before Midnight 2013

  • Richard Linklater
  • June 14, 2013
  • 108 mins
  • English
  • Drama, Romance
Everything's better with maturity
We meet Jesse and Celine nine years on in Greece. Almost two decades have passed since their first meeting on that train bound for Vienna.


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It's been 9 years from the previous story and the film is set in Greece this time. This is the last one of the sequence. In my opinion, the main theme is more practical than before and based on our actual life or feelings. That's why it makes me feel it's less romantic compared to last two series, but there is still full of conversation among people, especially between two in whole drama and I enjoy the philosophical atmosphere in the ancient place. I like the scene in which three generations eat dinner together and discuss "love" mentioning a bit of scientific fact and a change of technology nowadays. The film was released in 2013, so people talk about Skype or they use smartphones a lot. One of participants of the dinner says love is changing in this modern age because of technology. It may be true. One young girl who looks in teens and accompanies her boyfriend left an interesting question. That is like this ; "Is there any possibility of eternal love? And Does it have any meanings in this age? That's because we will separate someday somehow."

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We really did not enjoy this film. It is 100 minutes of dialogue between a man and a woman. There's no plot of note. It's like being a fly on the wall listening to a regular couple talk nonsense. Ethan Hawke was excellent as usual, and I had high hopes for this given that it is 94/100 on metacritic. Perhaps it's a little too arthouse for me, but we just found it extremely boring.

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El romanticismo se esfumó en esta película que cierra la trilogía "Before", sólo queda la realidad. No me gustó tanto como las dos primeras, realmente esperaba algo romántico pero no, la historia aterriza a la realidad de las parejas en las que el romanticismo se va pero queda el amor, lo verdadero, lo real. Las historias de ensueño y cuentos de hadas desaparecen para dar paso a lo verídico que no por ello deja de ser bello.

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