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Blown Away 1994

Tommy Lee Jones, U2 and bombs. Such an iconic 90's

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The film came out the same year as Speed, so it's compared to that. Since the film is about an Irish terrorist though. Blown Away is more like the superior Patriot Games.
Either way Blown Away isn't bad like critics said. I remember Siskel & Ebert enjoying picking it apart. Though Jeff Bridges lone bomb squad hero is so cliche, Tom Cruise might as well have played him. Since he rides up to a bomb scare on a motorcycle and in an Hawaiian shirt. Not knowing if he is Magnum P.I or yes, Tom Cruise.
If you give the film a fair chance over 20 years later. You might even enjoy Blown Away more than Speed. Since there’s more than just a bomb on a bus.
Tommy Lee Jones’ accent keep changing is a ton of fun as well lol. He’s over the top and it shows that working with Jim Carrey a year later didn’t rub off on him. He can do over the top insane, in his sleep.

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