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Bolts & Blip Robot Warriors 2012

It's the year 2080 and thanks to genius scientist Dr. Tommy, Earth is at peace. He created the Moon C.R.A.T.E.R. Project, the wackiest intergalactic sports circuit, where two opposing Robot armies battle it out to settle Earth's disputes using the deadliest weapon known: water! Bolts and Blip, Central City's misfits, are accidently recruited as members of the Lunar Leagues last placed team - The Thunderbolts! They find themselves catapulted into a series of hilarious lunar battles and soon discover that all is not what it seems. In the next instalment of BOLTS & BLIP, the Thunderbolts fall under the spell of a mysterious "Black Box", a strange invader crash lands on the moon and threatens to destroy Lunar City and Saedee finds herself replaced as team captain, by a mysterious prototype "Saedee-34".

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