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Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man 2019


Hallmark Channel and HMM 2019 and earlier


Hallmark Mystery movies from the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel. This list includes early movies that were aired on this network that were not typically mystery movies (before they changed the name to add Mystery). Some typical mystery movies, such as the McBride and Jane Doe series, were aired on the regular Hallmark Channel. Note: I did not include the Christmas movies that are aired on HMM on this list. They are on the Hallmark Christmas list. Let's face it, there's not much mystery in those Christmas movies!

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries was launched in January 2004. It was originally called Hallmark Movie Channel.

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Original non-Christmas Hallmark Movies:

Hallmark Christmas Movies:


Every Hallmark movie I’ve watched in 2019


Mystery movies from Hallmark

Odyseey Network (2000-2001)
Hallmark Channel (2001-2015)
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (2015-2024)
Hallmark Mystery (2024-)

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List will be updated with upcoming movies .