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Come to Daddy 2019

A disappointing buildup, that starts to unfold after about an hour and end in seemingly nothing. I'd have expected a lot more from people involved in the production of pearls such as Turbo Kid, Greasy Strangler and ABCs of Death. Elijah Wood gives a solid performance as a hipster, but the writing of this and especially the more or less weak dialogues cannot save this.

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I'm not quite sure what this film wanted to be. It was a weirdly tense psychological drama for the first half, then it takes a left turn into an escape thriller, and then it sort of whimpers out into a revenger that really gives you nothing to hold on to. I'm still struggling to pull much from this after having sat through it. Maybe it's supposed to showcase Elijah Wood's character growing in some way, but I'm not sure he really grows in any ways that feel good or positive. Shrug

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3 Thoughts After Watching ‘Come to Daddy’:

  1. I give it points for being wacky, weird, and original. And Elijah was fun to watch. Even though it felt like the film didn’t know what it wanted to be, the randomness kinda worked.

  2. In the end, it’s quite forgettable. The film ends with no significant payoff or message. The final scene left me feeling a bit empty and disappointed.

  3. I thought the film started off strong and super eerie. It legit made me uncomfortable. I went in knowing nothing and thought it’d end up being a supernatural story. It definitely took more than a few turns and was nothing I’d expected — both a good and not-so-good thing.

Bonus Thought: I thought it was clever how we find out that Gordon sympathized with Norval, and why he didn’t kill him.

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Best part of the movie...

the shit pen

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Expected to be a full movie about his dad somehow being a secret killer, turned out I was totally wrong

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E. Wood suits the role of hipsters who get into shit and get out of it, bringing out things from inside the character that you wouldn’t expect by looking at the mustache‍♂. The actor himself understands how not to remain Frodo forever. The film is funny, but it seems he doesn’t knew what he wanted to be, but the accident didn’t work out completely

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Not as enjoyable as Turbo Kid or Deathgasm, but still worth a watch.

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What a wacky indie film, Frodo Beutlin would voluntarily jump into the volcano of Mordor with Elijah Wood's hairstyle.

At first the film stumbles a little, but then with a twist it really gets going and the absurd "bloodbath" begins.

A super funny, confused Elijah Wodd and brilliantly funny dialogues.

An insanely wacky road trip!!

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Not quite the film I expected - it wasn't the weird horror flick I imagined in my head - but still not a bad effort, even though it wasn't as good as I had hoped.

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Title just makes is sound like some kind of bad porno. Waited forever for it to get going and then the "action" lasted all of about 10 minutes. And what is with Elijah's facial hair!!

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Come to Daddy is a funny thriller with some horror elements in it. It's a fun ride with some dark comedy and great lines. Elijah Wood is supporting a decent stache and I love his choice for movies the past for years!

This one is a film by Ant Timpson (his debut!) and is a Horror/Thriller/Comedy mix. The story is simple but slowly unfolds. We have Norval (Elijah Wood) visiting his estranged father after he left him and his mom 30 years prior. From that point on the story unfolds.

I don't want to reveal anything about the plot but it's loads of fun! If you have 90 minutes to spare, be sure to check out Come to Daddy. I really enjoyed it and I think you will too.

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1.5 / 2 directing & technical aspect
.5 / 1 story
1 / 1 act I
.5 / 1 act II
.5 / 1 act III
1 / 1 acting
1 / 1 writing
.5 / 1 originality
0 / 1 lasting ability to make you think

0 / 1 misc

6.5 / 10

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Shout by kinky

After being predictably disappointed by the lack of porn in a movie with a porn-like title, I was unpredictably disappointed by the movie itself. The dark comedy bits are fun but, overall, the movie gets nowhere. Some plot decisions don't make sense, characters are weirdly off, but at least Elijah Wood's performance is comfortable to watch. It's just his haircut that isn't.

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