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ECW House Party 1996 1996


Currently watching WWF, ECW and WCW from 1999.


This lists includes all wrestling PPVs I have watched entirely since 2021.

Currently up to 2005 for archives watch through

Rating Scale:
10 - One of my all time favorites!
9 - Great, but not quite a favorite.
8 - Really good, you should check it out.
7 - Good. It was worth watching.
6 - It had more good than bad, if you like the genre then it is not a bad watch.
5 - It is neither here nor there
4 - It has more bad than good, its not awful, but far from good
3 - It was a bad watching experience, you should not watch it.
2 - Nearly unwatchable
1 - It is actually painful to watch

Please Note: List will NOT include any hype specials that took place before any event.