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Empire North

Danish artist, filmmaker and reality hacker Jakob Boeskov brings us a docu-fiction based loosely on the events of his life and his newest work. Overwhelmed by war-time horrors of the last decade, Boeskov creates a new identity for himself as the highly polished and well educated CEO of a fictitious weapons company, Empire North. He conceives of a weapon called the ID Sniper Rifle that shoots an undetectable GPS chip into the body of targets so police or government agencies can track them later. Boeskov then infiltrates a high-tech weapons trade show pretending to seek investors for his product. Upon his return to Europe, he finds his inbox flooded with requests to invest as overnight his bogus rifle becomes a highly coveted weapon. Boeskov’s latest piece is a horrifying glimpse into the world of arms dealing and the unethical race to create the next weapon of control.

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