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Excision 2012

  • Richard Bates Jr.
  • November 2, 2012
  • 81 mins
  • English
  • Horror
Heal The Sickness
Alienated teen Pauline struggles with the pressures of fitting into high school, pleasing her mother and a burning desire to lose her virginity. With a grotesque curiosity for the darker side of life, Pauline is considered a social outcast by everyone around her. Enticed by flesh, she retreats into her own fantasies and hopes to become a great surgeon - that is, if she doesn't go insane first.


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Wow. Weird. Bizarre, but very very interesting movie. I have been looking forward to writing this review. This movie is not what i expected based on the description and soon after starting the movie i completely forgot about the description and can only describe as being entranced or transfixed from then on. The movie is focused on the female cast primarily, and it shows a great contrast or perspective to most of the movies these days and their casts and even other movies focused primarily on their female cast, it's hard to explain. Great characters and actress's especially the main actress, great performance i was utterly transfixed. All throughout the movie i was getting an impression that this was trying to be a work of art, in the movie and outside the movie. It's hard to describe or mabye it's just me. The reason why i say outside the movie is because of those specific scenes (the random ones) and it felt like they were trying to be a work of art on their own while also slightly relating to the movie itself. A great and interesting movie i really enjoyed it.

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That were really weird wet dreams

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What a bad movie...

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