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Friday the 13th Part III 1982

  • Steve Miner
  • August 13, 1982
  • 95 mins
  • English
  • Horror, Thriller
There's nowhere to hide. We dare you to try.
An idyllic summer turns into a nightmare of unspeakable terror for yet another group of naive counselors. Ignoring Camp Crystal Lake's bloody legacy, one by one they fall victim to the maniacal Jason who stalks them at every turn.


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Catching part 3 now on AMC's FearFest Friday the 13th marathon. I've been wanting to do a Friday the 13th marathon for a while to see what things I remember when I saw during my childhood, so I guess this'll do. It's got the same music and style of atmosphere as the previous films along with some more interesting kills in this. I can see how they tried to add some 3D effects here and there even though we're seeing it in standard without 3D glasses. I guess this was around the time when they brought back 3D to the theaters, which is about every 30 years or so. I do recall this one being where Jason finds his signature hockey mask.

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