Ga-ga: Glory to the Heroes 1986

  • 1986-09-26
  • 1h 24m
  • Piotr Szulkin
  • Piotr Szulkin
  • Poland
  • Polish
  • Zespol Filmowy "Perspektywa"
  • Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror, Drama
Hard to be a Hero
Scope is a prisoner on a behemoth space station and is chosen, like all his fellow prisoners, to 'volunteer' for the exploration of far-away planets. Landing on planet Australia 458, he is given a hero's welcome with all the sex, booze, and violence that any one man can stomach. But as his new caretakers push him towards even more heinous and deplorable acts, Scope finds that his freedom comes with a high price; his own violent demise, broadcast live for the viewing pleasure of Australia 458's inhabitants.

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