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Glory Road 2006


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Great basketball version of "Remember the Titans"

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Just another great iconic sports film from Disney. What an inspirational cool story about a renown high school womens basketball coach who gets his shot to coach D1 ball on the boys level, but at a very poor school in El Paso. The film does a great job of plot development around the players and makes the audience connect with each one. Its quite a ride to see history fold out as the school breaks the color barrier in men's college basketball. Only thing is that it would have been nice to have a bit more info or focus on the background of the coach.

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Remember the Titans was such a great movie that Disney wanted to double dip on the basketball equivalent. HOWEVER, I don’t think it works nearly as well. It’s very much worth watching. If you enjoy the Disney sport movie formula, you know what to expect. It’s a quality addition to the catalog, even if not the upper echelon.

Rating: 3/5 - 7.5/10 - Worth Watching

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"We do not back down here, ever!"

Is it a little predictable? Maybe. Isn't life a little predictable at times though, especially with human nature? This story is still well told and a I feel like it is a little more enjoyable if you like Basketball.

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Mid-00s Disney really knocking it out the park. 'Glory Road' is another top film from this period from them.

Early on this feels like a 'Remember the Titans', even a 'Coach Carter', copycat but it actually ends up creating its own thing. Those two films are also great, but I felt this one nailed the emotion and rawness of events just that little bit better - the sports action also feels more real, at least to me.

Josh Lucas is very good as Don. I don't necessarily think he gives an outstanding performance in the grand scheme of things, but it's a perfect performance for the role itself. Elsewhere, Damaine Radcliff (Cager), Al Shearer (Shed) and Mehcad Brooks (Flournoy) are all good too.

Enthralling plot, well written dialogue, terrific score, an important message and a cast that seemed to gave their all. A quality film, even with the usual Disney slant/tendencies. My only criticism? That fake nose on Jon Voight, wow!

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