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Greetings from the Woods

Inside and outside the well-kept hedges life carries on as usual. The King buys his daily newspaper. Bertil searches the parking lot for dogs to photograph. Hans and Gun-Britt is planting a big, but still too small rock in their garden. Trying to get their minds off it all. As darkness falls over the little village in the woods, the Indians gather for a meeting in the town house as angst, frustration and silent prayer echoes in the night. With visual precision and attention to detail, director Mikel Cee Karlsson captures people and their existence in a small village deep inside the Swedish forest. Over a period of four years, the music video director and former professional skateboarder Mikel has been capturing singular scenes from a part of today’s Sweden where reality inexorably seeps in behind the colourful fasad. With a mixture of playful precision, humour and melancholy he portrays people’s dreams, their relationships and everyday destinies.

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