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Heavenly Creatures 1994

Early film debut by a young Melanie Lynsky and Kate Winslet. Awesome claymation. Coming of age film where an [obsessive?] girl friendship turns into girlfriendship, which the parents are NOT having. So, you know, they have to go. Based on a true story. Loved it!

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Interesting take on this true crime story. It's where Jackson fist started branching out, but you can definitely still see his style all over this.

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Watch if you don't mind two giggly female characters running through the trees like Disney characters to music. It tries to be charming and endearing, but it's based on two real killers. There are no rules to say it can't be such a way, but it was overall bad story telling. I'd have rather have seen what made them the way they were. Illness? Apart from them ridiculously pretending to have a baby with a pillow, was there much psycological story telling at all? The bond has no intensity or insanity. Not dark enough. This is a glamorised romantic murder story.

The characters were quirky. The dialogue was mostly filler in plots that's didn't develop character, but ended up in romps or the two girls being upset. Winslet is wooden in this.

If you want to watch a killer lesbian duo based on an old true story Sister My Sister is better.

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Wonderfully imaginative and well done film.

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