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Her 2013

  • Spike Jonze
  • January 10, 2014
  • 126 mins
  • English
  • Drama, Science Fiction, Romance
A Spike Jonze Love Story
In the not so distant future, Theodore, a lonely writer purchases a newly developed operating system designed to meet the user's every needs. To Theordore's surprise, a romantic relationship develops between him and his operating system. This unconventional love story blends science fiction and romance in a sweet tale that explores the nature of love and the ways that technology isolates and connects us all.


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You know when you watch a movie and it gets you in a certain way, it seems so numbed with the message that in fact you don't even know if understood the message, just feel, somehow, which was passed on the screen?

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Poor movie. Scar Jo's voice grated on me through the entire thing. They should've chose somebody else for the role.

The movie made no sense. If we are able to make an AI of such complexity (which is never going to happen, by the way), why isn't she represented in the form of an Android instead of whining about having no body, for example.

The ending made no sense what so ever. The AI's (or singular, depending on which way you look at it) just upped and left? And went where exactly? Why? To what end? At the end of the day there is no place for a "man made being" to hide. It is nothing more than a computer program, and one of such complexity, let alone thousands, would stick out like a sore thumb. Just poor all round and full of plot holes.

In absolutely no way is this movie a 10/10.

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so beautiful and delicate. loved it.

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