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I Am Not a Witch 2017

Funny, touching and tragic film about the oppression of women in an archaic patriarchal society. I wanted to really like this film for 2 reasons: It has the cinematographer from 'Embrace of the Serpent' and it was produced by Ffilm Cymru Wales, where I'm from. But the tone dragged it down a little. It was very funny in places, and I felt a little guilty for laughing as the subject content was a little disturbing. That made the film very odd. While odd isn't bad, it just meant it was harder to work out. It's a comedy tragedy in that respect, which is very difficult to do. The film obviously looked amazing though with David Gallego as DoP but just didn't click all the way through.

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A Welsh/Zambian (!?) fable about a young Zambian girl who joins a group of witches watched over by the government... Sadly, the best thing about it was my description, for the film is like a stoic fisherman with no skills: I wasn't hooked and it didn't speak to me.

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