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I SPY - A Rocking Bronco and Other Stories 2004

  • 2004-08-03
  • 60 mins

A Rockin' Bronco — Spyler and CeCe want to put on a rodeo for all their friends, but they need help finding things to make it really cool and super funny! A Wish For a Fish — After building a boat, Spyler and CeCe want to go fishing for a new friend to play with. A Bird I Heard — Spyler and CeCe are having trouble sleeping because a crow won't stop squawking. They want to build a scarecrow, but how? A Super Silly Pizza — It's time for a pizza party at Spyler and CeCe's. Where are they going to find toppings for their super silly pizza? A Truck Out of Luck — Spyler and CeCe discover that their friend, Wheeler, is one stuck truck. How are they going to get him out of the sand? A Kite in Fight — It's a very windy day and Spyler and CeCe can't find anything to play with. What can they do that won't blow away in the wind?

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