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Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales Vol. 1 2005

Directed By Tomoyuki Akashi
Cast: Sayaka Yamaguchi, Asami Mizukawa "Maybe father was right. Maybe we should not have moved into that house..." When Minako loses her boyfriend in an accident, her sister tries to cheer her up, though sinister forces would have it otherwise... CRUEL KIDNAPPING:
Directed by Tomoyuki Akashi
Cast: Toru Masuoka, Renji Ishibashi As Toshio struggles to make ends meet, his daughter is kidnapped and a ransom note arrives. Desperation leads him to a cruel plan designed to procure the money he needs. DESIRE TO KILL:
Directed by Kenji Nakanishi
Cast: Mayumi Wakamura, Sousuke Takaoka
Alone in her house, Rie comes face-to-face with a murderer. Determined to protect her child, she makes a desperate attempt to convince the man to leave.

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