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Lucky Bastard 2014


Movies that feature adult themes excessive nudity and real sex scenes in Alphabetical Order


NC17 | 18+ | R | A | MA [in English] + Independent Movies

D: Suggestive Dialog
E: Erotica
FV: Fantasy Violence (used only for the TV-Y7 level)
L: Coarse or crude Language
MA: Mature Audience
S: Sexual Situations
V: Violence


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Missing on the list:
909 Experiment
The Garlock Incident
Crybaby Bridge
The Burningmoore Incident
The Interview
The Slender Case
Lost Tapes
The Rheinsberg Tapes
The Mitchell Tapes
Hulk Blood Tapes
Silent Lake
Evidence of a Haunting
The Trick or Treaters
Where's Wendy
Alone in the Ghost House
The Nanabijou Tapes
Dead Eyes
The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks
Searching for Haizmann
The Legend of the 5ive
Pursuit of a Legend
Resurrecting the Street Walker
End Roll
A Blair Witch Tale
The Lost Footage
File Box
Five Find Your Limit
Poltergeist Encounters
Four Corners of Fear
Kerb Crawlers
Red Like Blood
Shallow Creek Cult
Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids
Limestone Burning
In the Dead of Night


I considered movies in which at least half of the runtime is recorded in "found footage".


Movies within the genre of horror, sci fi, fantasy or mystery.
Mostly low budget or at least not very well known.
Not all of them are necessarily good, but interesting in their own way if you approach with the right mindset.