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Naruto: The Cross Roads 2009

  • 2009-12-19
  • 25m
  • Yuzo Sato
  • Yuka Miyata
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Pierrot
  • Anime, Action
Naruto: The Cross Roads (Za Kurosurozu) is the sixth Naruto OVA. It uses the same CGI graphics as Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and was released during Naruto: Shippuden. This OVA premiered at the Jump Festa Anime Tour 2009. Between the Prologue - Land of Waves and Chunin Exams arcs, Team 7 is waiting for Kakashi, who is late again, to start a new mission (B-ranked as Sasuke states). The team sets off while Kakashi explains that Genmai from the Inaho Village is missing, who has vanished in the hills.

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