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NBC News Presents: Secrets To The Code

  • 74 mins

In this NBC News exclusive, Stone Phillips attempts to separate the fact from the fiction in the worldwide best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code. How much truth is there in the novel's well-spun story? Are modern-day religious leaders covering up the past? The book's controversial plot hinges on several key assertions: Jesus married Mary Magdalene, they had a child, and a shadowy conspiracy has worked to keep their union and subsequent bloodline a secret for centuries. Unbelievably, some of history's most renowned artists and leaders, including Leonardo da Vinci, may have been co-conspirators in this astonishing cover-up. With the investigative resources of NBC News, Phillips takes you from the holy sites in the Middle East to key locations throughout Europe as he hunts for the reality behind the headlines and attempts to get to the bottom of a tantalizing mystery that has captivated the world.

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