Orgasms: Bath House Secret Techniques 1974

  • 1974-11-09
  • 1h 6m
  • Isao Hayashi
  • Jun Takada
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Nikkatsu Corporation
  • Drama, Crime
Yuko (Masumi Jun) is the number one, top-grossing prostitute operating at Paradise Bath House. She's a smart girl, a college graduate. Kaneyo, her second best, is not happy about this. After a few confrontations between the two whores, they have an impressive fight in the soap suds. A new girl arrives, Kinuko (Yuri Yamashina) who is instantly popular with all the gents due to her soapy-hand technique. The calm days at Paradise bath House seem to be back, only their male customers are being robbed, with evidence falling either on Yuko or Kaneyo.

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