Our Children 2022

  • 2022-07-21 + 3 more
  • 1h 47m
  • Maria de Medeiros
  • Maria de Medeiros (screenplay) + 1 more, Laura Castro (screenplay)
  • Brazil
  • Portuguese
  • Globo Filmes + 11 more, Canal Brasil, AG Studios, Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul, Bossa Nova Films, Ciné Sud Promotion, Cria Produções, FSA, Querosene Filmes, Persona Non Grata Pictures, Labodigital, Imovision
  • Drama
Vera, who fought in the armed left-wing movements against the Brazilian military dictatorship, has lived in multiple South American countries. Her daughter Tânica has been married to another woman for fifteen years, and they're about to have their first child.

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