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Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion 2013

Following Madoka's rewriting of the universe, Homura now lives in a world where witches are no longer born but despair still manifests itself into creatures known as wraithes which magical girls continue to fight against. Aside with facing new enemies, Homura must deal with her loneliness which has built up since her separation from Madoka.


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Instant classic!

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Whaaaaaaaaaat, dude!??! All these movies just to see the character I love the most turning into the biggest villain?? All her struggle for nothing? Mixed feelings here.

Btw, kyubey all cute...?? I couldn't swallow it. That bastard achieved to be even worse than before lol

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Man. Mind. Blown. This was one epic movie. SHAFT took this in a completely different direction than I originally anticipated. This sequel to the series (technically the movies if you listen to the creators) really delves into our favorite magical characters but the real star of this is Homura without a doubt. I truly realized (after reading explanations online of course) the extent of her pain, suffering and love that she went through in order to "save" Madoka. She truly develops and transforms as a character throughout this movie into someone even I didn't anticipate at all.

The animation, style and action are spectacular as always with this being a SHAFT production. While I thought that the first 30 minutes of the movie were a bit slow, shit immediately got crazy after that. And that ending... You'll have to see it for yourself. There were definitely some pretty confusing parts of this movie but after taking it all in (and some outside guidance), everything really does fit together and creates a fitting sequel to the series. I liken this as the End of Evangelion for the Madoka series. Now, I'm craving for some more magical girls goodness.

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