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Rana 1998

Bheema Raju a mafia don, kills his henchman Rajeswara Rao . Raana son of Rajeswara Rao kills Bheema Raju and becomes a mafia don himself. He becomes a very powerful man in the society and, later on, marries an innocent village girl Ganga. Bheem Raju's son Devaraj try to kill Raana in many ways, but nothing works out. Raana kills a Municipal Commissioner for raping a girl. Dr. Kasthuri who is a doctor and also an ally of the bad guys does the postmortem of the body and tells the police about the murder and tries to send Raana to jail. Raana kidnaps Kasthuri and threatens her and while he is killing her Shankaram Master obstructs his way begs him to leave his daughter, then suddenly Raana finds out that Kasthuri is none other than his long-lost sister.


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