"Renjou" Keishichou Kyoukouhan-gakari Higuchi Akira 2022

    • 2022-02-07
    • 1h 35m
    • Yoshihisa Kodama
    • Tetsuya Oishi (screenplay)
    • Japan
    • Japanese
    • TV Tokyo
    • Crime, Drama, Family
    "Renjou" is the 11th special episode of the long running Japanese TV franchise Keishichou Kyoukouhan-gakari Higuchi Akira (transl: "Akira Higuchi, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department")
    Kosuge, the president of a factory, is killed by someone while returning home. A bag charm is found at the scene. When Akira Higuchi and his colleagues from the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division investigate his home, they find a bankbook with the letters A, Y, M, and S written in English. It turns out that the charms left behind were custom-made by Seiji Iwai. However, Seiji had committed suicide five years ago in a robbery-suicide case. Seiji's mother, Mizuki, is an old acquaintance of Superintendent Tendo. Higuchi heads for Mizuki's place...

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