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Rubber 2010

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Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, strange, psychedelic, and the just plain WEIRD!



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Disponibles dans le Pack « Les alKODIques »


- Crystal
- Alanna
- Kyle
- Greg
- Lorie
- Chris
- Tony
- Tara



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Liste des films présents dans le livre et le site Movieland


A Pequena Prosa dos Horrores, trazido até você por:
Getro Guimarães | Assine o canal Getro
Otávio Ugá | Assine o canal Super Oito
Rodolfo Castrezana | Assine o canal Nerd Rabugento

1ª Temporada [2018]
E01 – Episódio Piloto (1)
E02 – Terror Macro, terror Micro (2 ao 28)
E03 – Franquias (29)
E04 – Spoilers e Heróis (30 ao 37)
E05 – O cinema é meu templo (38 e 39)
E06 – Dublado versus Legendado (40 ao 44)
E07 – Gosto no Armário (45 ao 54)
Guilty Pleasures (Otávio: 55 ao 62; Castrezana: 63 ao 67; Getro: 68 ao 72)
E08 – Animais Comedores de Gente (73 ao 99)
E09 – Remakes melhores que os originais (100 ao 119)
E10 – Zumbis (120 ao 151)
E11 – Netflix (152 ao 160)
E12 – O Novo Oscar (161 ao 164)
E13 – Terrir (165 ao 199)
E14 – O que vem por aí (200 ao 202)
E15 – O Que Assistimos (203 ao 209)
E16 – Diretores e Suas Técnicas (210 ao 227)
E17 – Violência Mental (211 ao 252)
E18 – Sentença de Morte HD Cam 1080p (253 ao 256)
E19 – Preguiça (257 ao 267)
E20 – Críticos não gostam de terror? (268 ao 275)
E21 – Filmes Cult (276 ao 289)
E22 – Halloween (290 ao 308)
E23 – Filmes Torturantes (309 ao 320)
E24 – Ficção Científica (321 ao 351)
E25 – Stan Lee (352)
E26 – Viagens no Tempo (353 ao 378)
E27 – Filmes de Música (379 ao 400)
E28 – Atuações Perturbadores (401 ao 431)
E29 – Do Streaming à Próstata (432 ao 440)
E30 – Natal (441 ao 465)
E31 – Retrospectiva 2018 (466 ao 492)

2ª Temporada [2019]
E01 – Expectativa parte 1 (493 ao 529)
E02 – Expectativa parte 2 (530 ao 549)


Last year was a surprisingly arty time for mainstream Hollywood. This year wasn’t. Despite the fact that wise-guy Martin Scorsese dropped a remarkably good children’s movie, the majority of 2011 was Hollywood business as usual: remakes, sequels, lurching franchises, and comic book adaptations. Granted, it was also the year of the (relatively) small pro-women’s film like Bridesmaids and The Help that crashed Hollywood’s CGI-machismo party, taking home a sizeable slice of the guests. But neither of those movies are any good (nor on our list), despite their claims to feminism. Which left Hollywood right where it generally likes to be: profitable and dull.

Which also left Tiny Mix Tapes in our most favored position. We young culture writers have noticed the trends, yes, but we’ve responded mainly by eschewing the big stuff (to be fair, we did favorably review Thor and Captain America) in order to keep our keen eyes and ears on what really mattered, on where and how film really thrived: among the outsiders, in fresh forms whose relevance may take time to become clear. The list below is our proof that 2011 can stand beside the best recent years for artistic genius in film, if, as we did, you look carefully.

Perhaps the individual greatnesses of our 25 picks have some common link, a sense of vibrant loneliness that puts them in touch with the modern world. Certainly the big names that appear on our list (Kiarostami, Apichatpong, von Trier, Malick, Almodovar, July) were aiming to define the isolation made real by an ungrounded, frenetic time. But look at the films we’ve noticed that the year all but passed over — Cold Weather, The Four Times, Meek’s Cutoff, Leap Year, William Never Married, Dragonslayer — and ask yourself if the link isn’t just as much a collective, unconscious backlash against Hollywood’s tentpole mentality, a simple need for good films possessed by the times themselves. Maybe all we’re doing is keeping our eyes open. —Alex Peterson


From the book of the same name, published by Rue Morgue magazine.


You've seen The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Blob. But are you familiar with The Exorcist III, Amityville II: The Possession or The Blob remake? Or minor masterpieces like Incubus, The Black Pit of Dr. M or Ichi The Killer? Fright film fans need look no further that this indispensable guide from the experts at Rue Morgue, the world's leading horror in culture and entertainment magazine. Concisely written with a view to expanding the horror film lover's palette, 200 ALTERNATIVE HORROR FILMS YOU NEED TO SEE outlines those cinematic gems you ay have missed - classic and contemporary, mainstream and obscure, home-made and foreign... and those films that simply need to make your viewing list. Featuring interviews with Guillermo del Toro, Tobe Hooper, Gaspar Noe, Roger Corman, Fred Dekker, Larry Cohen, Stuart Gordon, Ed Sanchez and more. Plus the top gore films, slashers, vampire flicks, foreign zombie movies, family fright fests and tons more!

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