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Save Ralph 2021

It’s a short film that’s available for free on YouTube.

It’s an emotionally powerful piece from a perspective of an animal that can’t even use its voice to speak against the cruelty that’s taking place as we speak.

I hope this short remains popular for a long time so that more people can watch it and something comes out of it in terms of bringing more awareness and shutting down animal testing because it’s honestly not worth having beauty/personal products if it’s going to harm animals [even if companies make bs claim that it’s for our benefit]

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Shout by Deleted

Hello there! I made a video about my review for this film on my YouTube channel. Click the link below if you'd like to see it. Enjoy watching :)

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Really important message. Many great people involved in this well made animation. I would recommend anyone to watch this short 4-minute animation, really an insight on animal testing of cosmetic products, I didn't know the testing could hurt the animals this bad, so I will 100% stop buying animal tested-based cosmetics from now on. It’s awful what money does to humans, heartless. I rate 10/10 because of the statement and importance of the video/animation.

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"But it's OK cuz we do it for the humans"

Man, this is heartbreaking. Short but to the point. Taika Waititi has a unique optimistic but sad voice. A beautifully made movie by Spencer Susser.

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