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Slumber Party Massacre II 1987


Shout by Geon Dp
2019-08-05T16:39:47Z— updated 2019-08-07T18:25:59Z

This movie was bad. the first had some redeeming qualities, this is just a flaming pile of garbage. no boobies the kills are inadequate, just stay away!

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Awful. Just awful. You can tell this came post-Freddy because the first 55 minutes are nothing but imaginary "dream kills." No joke, in this 75 minute movie, the first real, actual death happens just before the hour mark. Unacceptable! There are no rules, or rhyme or reason to why anything happens in this movie. Where does the killer come from? Why them? Why real all of a sudden? I get it, we can all have a good time with their totally 80s all ladies rock band, and oh boy, the killer has his own song he performs while chasing them down. Just terrible. Make a music video then. Don't waste my time selling it as a sequel to a totally okay slasher. Luckily they returned to the roots a bit with part 3, but even that gets derailed by the end.

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