Snow 2016

    • 2016-01-01
    • 25m
    • Yehezkel Lazarov
    • Yehezkel Lazarov
    • Israel
    • Hebrew
    • Gesher Multicultural Film Fund
    • Drama, Science Fiction
    In 2008 the city of Tel-Aviv sent four refrigerated trucks to Mount Hermon, to bring back with them 60 cubic meters of snow. Early in the morning, the trucks returned to Rabin Square and prepared a white, frosty surprise for the residents. In front of the square, now covered with snow, lives the Dahan family, which is facing eviction on that very same day. The film follows the four truck drivers making their journey from the north, and Hanna, the mother of the family, as she sees her life melting down before her.

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