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Son of Batman 2014

  • Ethan Spaulding
  • April 20, 2014
  • 74 mins
  • English
  • Action, Adventure, Animation
Vengeance runs in the blood.
Batman learns that he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son with Talia al Ghul named Damian Wayne who is secretly being raised by Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. When Ra's al Ghul apparently dies after a battle with Deathstroke, Batman must work to stop his long-lost son from taking revenge and guiding him to a righteous path, in addition to the chance for the pair to truly acknowledging each other as family.


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I think Damian should be way more older than this, some fights scenes I can't stop being annoyed for the fact that Damian, a little kid who weights what, around 50kg while a ridiculous huge guy or monster who may weight 4 times that can be kicked so far away just because he was trained by the League of Assassins, it doesn't matter who you got to train with, you can't challenge physics, unless there is a "plot filler" explanation with fiction like "It's magic" or "It's God', or the favorite "Because I'm Batman".

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Not enough Nightwing. I loved how suggestive the whole movie was about sex though. Just subtle enough so kids won't notice it...

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