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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986

  • Leonard Nimoy
  • November 25, 1986
  • 119 mins
  • English
  • Adventure, Science Fiction
The key to saving the future can only be found in the past.
Fugitives of the Federation for their daring rescue of Spock from the doomed Genesis Planet, Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) and his crew begin their journey home to face justice for their actions. But as they near Earth, they find it at the mercy of a mysterious alien presence whose signals are slowly destroying the planet. In a desperate attempt to answer the call of the probe, Kirk and his crew race back to the late twentieth century. However they soon find the world they once knew to be more alien than anything they've encountered in the far reaches of the galaxy!


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A lot of people consider this to be the best of the Star Trek movies. I do not count myself among them. It´s not that I dislike it in general it´s just a lot of little things I personally didn´t like that add up. The idea of again having an alien probe coming to earth. The method how they bring the message in this part feels like delivered with a hammer. Normally I percieved Star Trek to be more subtle in that regard.
I´m all for humor in a movie and there were some really great funny scenes but all in all it´s too much. And than there is the part of messing around with the past.

Time travel is always a great tool in SF but I often wondered if there where budgetry reasons involved. After all it is less expensive putting the movie in the (then) present. Alltogether as I mentioned not bad in general, but it always felt to me being just a movie and not a Star Trek movie.

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A nice family film with some laughs. It's the best Star Trek film according to critics. According to fans Wrath of Khan is the best and they aren't wrong.

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The first good Star Trek flick in my opinion. The SFX are outdated nowadays but still bearable and the acting is finally decent. Additionally I really liked the plot of the flick!

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