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Super Size Me 2004

  • Morgan Spurlock
  • January 17, 2004
  • 100 mins
  • English
  • Comedy, Documentary, Drama
The first ever reality-based movie ... everything begins and ends in 30 days!
Morgan Spurlock subjects himself to a diet based only on McDonald's fast food three times a day for thirty days without exercising to try to prove why so many Americans are fat or obese. He submits himself to a complete check-up by three doctors, comparing his weight along the way, resulting in a scary conclusion.


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I remember watching this in Science in like Year 10 and laughing at the fact that his sex life suffered. But like that's some screwed up stuff. As a lot of people have said, Morgan's experiment is extreme but it's so interesting to see what he goes through. What we have here is an extremely entertaining and shocking documentary. However, although it has many valid points, it shouldn't necessarily be taken as real scientific research.

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Oh so boring... I knew that it's a documentary, but I expected something more along the lines of Michael Moore's movies / documentaries, which really get you interested.

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After all these years I finally saw this. Very interesting documentary and thanks to it, I think I will not eat at McDonalds very soon.

I am McShocked!

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