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Suspiria 1977

This movie is pretty awesome.. It doesn't follow the usual horror movie recipe.. Plus.. The gore is amazing...

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Not only is "Suspiria" a treat to the eyes with it's bright neon colors, but the most surreal movie experience ever. A twisted fairytale of nightmares with a fantastic soundtrack.

Putting aside plot and character development which are just after thought. If your looking for those two things, then you will be disappointed. The films visual style and atmosphere are what's gonna stick out the most.

No other horror movie is presented in such a interesting and unique way like this. On a technical side, it's masterful.

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6.4/10 not even close to a super horror movie!

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How such a silly 70ies horror flick like Suspiria can be hyped and mentioned in the same sentence with true Gems like "Helloween", "Nightmare on Elm's Street" or "The Exorcist" is beyond me! I would give this crappy excuse for a horror movie a wide berth!

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