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Tales of the Bizarre

Tales of the Bizarre: 2021 Fall Special 2021

An omnibus special comprised of four segments: >> Story 1: "Skip" (スキップ) A man receives a unique door key with the power to transport him to the future, but the cost is steep: once he enters, he can never return. >> Story 2: "Yutosei" (優等生) One day, a high school girl receives her first-ever zero score in class. >> Story 3: "Fukkatsu no Jumon" (ふっかつのじゅもん) While cleaning his parents' house with his son, a man discovers the video game "Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line" and a piece of paper with a mysterious phrase, "Fukatsu no Jumon," written in 48-character hiragana. >> Story 4: "Kin no Tamago" (金の卵) One day, a housewife buys eggs at the supermarket and notices they're shining golden.

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