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The Bucket List 2007

A must see inspirational movie!

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Brilliant acting by Nicholson make up for a rather mediocre story, which sounds much better than it turns out (but even Nicholson's outstanding performance does not turn The Bucket List into a great movie).

French movie "Intouchables" shows how such a story SHOULD be told and is the much better alternative (even though one has to mention that the plots are not that similar, but the whole settings of the movies are).

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Nikola Tesla's obvious humorous sarcastic remark "Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my patents." has been widely misunderstood by mankind.

The mentioning of coffee Luwak besides Nikola Tesla had nailed to my chair for the rest of the film. There should be more movies like this. Morgan Freeman did a great job in translating the role of a person in which some of us recognize ourselves.

Jack Nicholson on top of the pyramid "Alright I'll bite..."

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I losted my father a month ago and this movie touched my heart deep down inside. I love Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, and I loved this movie. Great picture.

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Una gran película que me ha hecho reír y llorar y sobre todo sentir. No esperaba menos de estos dos grandísimos actores. Morgan Freeman está sublime y Jack Nicholson no le va a la saga. Una lección de que nunca es tarde para hacer las cosas, buenas cosas por supuesto, y que no hay que desaprovechar el tiempo mientras puedas. Merece mucho la pena el tiempo que pasas disfrutando de esta película.

A great movie that made me laugh and mourn and above all feel. I expected no less from these two great actors. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson is sublime is not going to the saga. A lesson that is never too late to do things, good things of course, and not to waste time while you can. Well worth the time you spend enjoying this film.

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Gostei do filme saber que esta preste a morrer e com o tempo que resta poder realizar seus desejos, espero conseguir fazer o msm ate meu ultimo dia =]

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