The Kill Five 2002

    • 2002-01-01
    • 48m
    • Joshua Pomer
    • English
    The Kill 5 is an ode to Kelly Slater. Kelly has two sick sessions: a mental session and interview about the fun tropical surf in Tahiti, followed by a session at a California surf spot known for its amazing one-of-a-kind wedge. Slater drops in behind the lip over and over again. He pulls off critical turning on a dime, reminding the world once again why hes still the best surfer in the world. The Santa Cruz Harbor section, Tom Curren at his own private surfing spot, Kelly Slater at a secret spot in California, Ratboy in Indonesia and Flea surfing Mavericks all shot in 16mm. And dont forget Shawn Barney Barron pulling off the one-of-a-kind maneuver The Barrel Roll. Barney completes a full 360 standing up inside the tube of a wave. A move that has never been done again.

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