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The Man with the Golden Gun 1974

  • Guy Hamilton
  • December 18, 1974
  • 125 mins
  • English
  • Action, Adventure, Thriller
The man with the golden gun is ready to assassinate James Bond.
A golden bullet has 007 engraved on it as it smashes into the secret service headquarters. The bullet came from the professional killer Scaramanga who has yet to miss a target and James Bond begins a mission to try and stop him.


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'The Man With the Golden Gun' remains thin and obvious 007 extravaganza with conventional expensive excitements... The boat and car chases merely reprise sequences in both 'Live and Let Die' and 'Diamonds Are Forever.'

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Just to be frank, I think this is one of the worst movies in the franchise. Now, I do enjoy watching it, but in a 'that was hilariously bad' kinda way. It's a shame though, because Christopher Lee is great in it. I do actually think he is a great villain for Bond, its just that they gave him a stupid plan instead of keeping it as simple as him wanting to kill 007.
Primary problems are a terrible Bond girl, dumb plot points, and SHERIFF JW PEPPER returning. Seriously, a terrible character from the last movie just shows up again. Oh, he's taking vacation across the world at the same time that Bond is there on a mission. Yea, sure that makes perfect sense. Then they do an awesome car flip and ruin it with a dumb sound.
I still enjoy watching it though. I mean, it is still a Bond movie.

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Solid bond movie but not as good as the the previous ones ("Diamonds Are Forever" and "Live and Let Die").

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