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The Sky Crawlers 2008

Somewhere between unrealistic and surreal.

A war- meaning people are being killed- sponsored by the people for the people, all around the globe, immortal children(Kildren) vs. adults, fighting over nothing more than nothing in and around populated cities( yea, really!). Irrational, totally surreal- I just don't see the surreal logic in what the authors have made here.

Animation( ambiente/world)- nice!
Characters- unexciting, dull, robotic, vapid... simply boring.
The theme/world- interesting, exceptionally boring in its presentation.

Don't expcet to be welcomed with a "Hello, this is how the world looks like" intro. Whoever plans on watching it, simply DON'T or jump in without any expectations, prepared for the dullest experience in your life. You'll be left in the dark for quiet a while.

I didn't like it at all!

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Like an Oreo that’s too much cookie and not enough cream.

The aerial battle scenes were ethereal, but the rest of the artwork and the “story” were a real slog. If the airplanes in the movie were as weak as the film, they wouldn’t get off the ground.

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bored me to death, twice or thrice in a roll.

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This could've been just as good if it only were 20 minutes long, honestly. Everything just took too long, the characters are plain braindead, and the story isn't that good either. The only positive things I can list are that they've drawn the planes rather OK, plus the cover photo is pretty nice.

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