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Threads 1984

  • Mick Jackson
  • September 23, 1984
  • 112 mins
  • English
  • Drama, Science Fiction
Documentary style account of a nuclear holocaust and its effect on the working class city of Sheffield, England; and the eventual long run effects of nuclear war on civilization.


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It was OK. Seemed to focus on being as grim as possible. Yeah I understand the scenario so why not? Came across as a school educational film towards the end and even propaganda. Russian nuclear threat deja vu is still relevant now. People say it's realistic? How does anyone really know. Details may be accurate and it looked the part. It's not bad but I just expected something with more story and characters.
I dont want to be unappreciative and I know when the nuclear end comes to kill us all (thanks Russia) it's gonna be insane and awful but... I'm watching a movie so least entertain me marginally and don't tell me the obvious. Nuclear bombs and the post apocalypse is awful. I know.
Not a bad movie but expected more and it felt contrived and unnatural for a documentary style movie. I think it went for shock and that actually put me off and then it became less shocking.

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At the time, during the cold war, with the reality of the threat hanging over us, this was incredibly poignant and disturbing. Its relevance fluctuates with the times, but it is always a very unsettling depiction of the horror of a full-scale nuclear war.

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Some of the props used by these old BBC programs is truly awesome. A cardboard box as a table, walls moving, door handles falling off...or maybe that was just 1980's in Sheffield.

And to be honest the second half (post bomb) dragged on.

But it felt like a bit of history of how the world in the 1980s viewed the atomic bomb and the precariousness of life...

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