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Turn Me On, Dammit! 2011

In Skoddeheimen, Norway, 15-year-old Alma is consumed by her hormones and fantasies that range from sweetly romantic images of Artur, the boyfriend she yearns for, to daydreams about practically everybody she lays eyes on.


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It was weird but the ending had me rolling with laughter! lol....priceless.

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This movie is a refreshing take on teenage sexual desire set against the backdrop of having those hormones working while living on a very isolated town.

Big open spaces and beautiful and quite scenery combine to become a suffocating cage for our protagonist so she relies on her vivid imagination to try and escape from it.

Is not Jannicke Systad Jacobsen first directorial turn (according to IMDB she has directed and written documentaries and shorts before) and her documentary roots show in a good way by giving the town a lot of screen time to successfully contrast the inner struggle of Alma and her friends.

Did I mention it is also funny? It is clearly not a "I am unable to breath" type of comedy but it makes you laugh with some pretty good zingers and good verbal set-ups.

Definitely give it a try if you are tired of the usual american comedic portrayal of teenage sexual discovery.

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Funny and cute, it also deals with many real teen issues which I love to see in movies.

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