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Wedding Daze 2004


Standalone movies I want to watch...


Original non-Christmas Hallmark movies. The Hallmark Channel was launched in August 2001.

Hallmark Christmas movies can be found in a separate list:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:


Hallmark Channel and HMM 2019 and earlier


A list of movies shown on UPtv network. Some of them were not originally created by UP, but were shown on Hallmark first. After some kind of contract expired (with a production company I think... I forget the details honestly), Hallmark lost the rights and they are now listed for UPtv network. This appears to be the case with some that aired on Hallmark between 2004-2012 and some of them were slightly renamed once airing on UP. With that in mind, some movies may show up on more than one list.


Shows and movies released between the years 2000 and 2009.


movies with romance girl meets boy falls in love happily ever after etc