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Wicked Little Letters 2024

Very good, this!

'Wicked Little Letters' is fun. Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley impress in lead roles, both managing to stand out just as much as the other - Colman is particularly perfectly cast. The rest of them merit praise as well, namely Anjana Vasan and Timothy Spall.

There isn't much more to note about this really and I don't mean that in a negative way whatsoever. It's all competently put together, as those onscreen bring this rather simple film to life - and I like those type of movies. Well worth a watch!

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"Could've been either of them."

Olivia Colman is wickedly funny and pitch-perfect, as always. But the fact that I actually started tearing up at points is a testament to Jessie Buckley. There really is no one like her.

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Jessi Buckle did an awesome job with her acting, and I found the dynamic between the two mindsets getting closer in some parts really intriguing to watch.

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Shout by Speed Demon
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This is really good... loads of bad words, but that's the whole point of the movie.

Unfortunately it's loaded with Wokeness.

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A British dramedy that started off slow but built to a predictable well-acted laugh-filled ending.

Enjoyable watch.

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When you look at the cast and you see the names Colman, Buckley and Spall, you know you are in for a treat. I can't recall the last time that I saw a movie that was quite like this. While the movie is listed as a drama, it functions well as a black comedy. While on the surface the two leads are frenemies, there is still an undercurrent of some kind of bond. I suspect much of their connection was rooted in the way that women were treated in the not-so-distant past.

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I'm not sure worth to see it. The movie could be more engaging and funny. Sometime it seemed to me heavy, the relationship between Edith and her father is too discounted. The film has a grotesque character but I would have used more comedy.
Definitely it isn't a movie I will see again.

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Brilliant comedy, British enough and so so good.
We know Olivia can carry out a character but i fell in love with Jessie Buckley, i have seen her in another movie but here he absolutely steals the spotlight from everyone, she carries the movie by herself, so bright future excellent and unique actor.

Highly entertaining and very funny, this was a movie that you enjoy and say "there are still good movies out there"

Don't miss it if you like a bit of wicked humour.
Again watch it only for Jessie Buckley she is totally worth it.

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What a wonderful little movie. And the swearing, the icing on top.

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A satire comedy that reminded me of movies like, 'The Banshees of Inisherin', any Martin McDonagh movie for that matter. The story is so absurd that it's completely believable, especially how it's tied to social issues like gender, religion, and education. I didn't laugh much, but on the swearing scenes, I lost it. Having Olivia Coleman playing such a complicated yet basic character was the best idea after the story itself. All I was expecting was to enjoy myself, and I did. Nothing amazing, but everything's good, especially the 1920s aesthetics.

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No sign of anything wallace and grommet related on the first watch, but I still do believe this is a British movie.

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it has all the elements of a great little British comedy, but they all come at the wrong time.

only the posh twats who clearly don't watch comedy laughed at the mildly amusing parts.

acting was all good. the ending was the only decent part.

unfortunately the snorefest that preceded it removed all our energy

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Not the most brilliant English comedy among those of the last few years. Many jokes are funny, but the actors loquacity, especially the Colman, has been limited somehow by a script which empathized external elements to the main plots and the acting.

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Shout by ed

Went to see with no expectations and was really pleasantly surprised, this is a great, funny, film

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