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WWF Fully Loaded 2000 2000


The World Wrestling Federation (Now known as World Wrestling Entertainment) made it's way into the Pay-per-view market back in 1985 with the very first Wrestlemania and have been very successful ever since. Here is a list of every such event in accordance with the WWE Network.

Includes WWF, WWE, ECW (WWE branded events only), NXT, NXT UK and various network exclusive events.
Does not include WCW, ECW (non-WWE branded events), Kick-offs/Pre-Shows, Hall of fame ceremonies, Evolve (or other indie companies represented on the WWE Network) or duplicate events.


This lists includes all wrestling PPVs I have watched entirely since 2021.

Currently up to 2009 for WWE archives watch through and 2009 for TNA archives watch through

Rating Scale:
10 - One of my all time favorites!
9 - Great, but not quite a favorite.
8 - Really good, you should check it out.
7 - Good. It was worth watching.
6 - It had more good than bad, if you like the genre then it is not a bad watch.
5 - It is neither here nor there
4 - It has more bad than good, its not awful, but far from good
3 - It was a bad watching experience, you should not watch it.
2 - Nearly unwatchable
1 - It is actually painful to watch

Please Note: List will NOT include any hype specials that took place before any event.


A comprehensive list of all the WWE Pay-Per-Views and Premium Live Events that also includes special events such as Saturday Night's Main Event, Clash of the Champions, and NXT Takeover.

Missing: Millennium Final 2000; Elimination Chamber 2015, King of the Ring 2015