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Złoty środek 2009

Raised in Warsaw's Praga, Mirka graduated from the prestigious faculty of law. It would seem that her profession would even be detracted from the honor of a family with cunning roots. The girl's grandfather and father pride themselves on stays in numerous prisons. However, Mirka's legal knowledge can be very useful in the fight to save the old tenement house. As a result of a suspicious transaction, the tenement house where Mirka has been living since childhood is to be demolished. All the leads lead to the law firm "Łopian i Pokrzywa", which is just looking for a new lawyer - a man. In order to help the inhabitants of the family tenement house, Mirka must engage in a daring hoax. She is helped by her uncle Bogumił, a makeup artist and a representative of a sexual minority. Thanks to him, a beautiful girl will turn into a handsome young man and hire him in a suspicious office.

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