Dick Kinney

      • 68
      • December 15, 1916 in Utah - USA
      • March 24, 1985

      American animator and comic book writer. His comic book work was mostly on Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck stories. He was the writer who, along with artist Al Hubbard, created Fethry Duck and Hard Haid Moe. Kinney is the younger brother of fellow Disney animator Jack Kinney. Earlier, as an animation writer, Kinney was part of the story crew on various Disney, Walter Lantz, UPA and King Features theatrical and TV cartoons. The Lantz cartoon Niagara Fools, featuring Woody Woodpecker, represented perhaps Kinney's most fondly-remembered original storyline. Later, Kinney would remake the story for comics with Fethry Duck in, essentially, the Woody role. -Wikipedia